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Evansville’s Answer To Animal Removal & Wildlife Control

Evansville Animal Removal

We trap, remove and Control the following nuisance wildlife: bats, beaver, birds, chipmunks, Coyote, fox, groundhogs, mice, moles, muskrats, pigeons, raccoons, rats,  rodents,  squirrels,  skunks, snakes, woodchucks & more. Squirrels in attics are what we do ! We have been getting raccoons, opossums, rats and miceout of attics and we do it right each and every time. We know how to stop the damage to your lawn by moles, and can catch that skunk and take it away before it sprays your dog or laundry on the line again. We can trap that fox, or groundhog that seems to just never go away. We have been experts in Evansville wildlife Control longer then most any Company you will ever find. Let our experienced staff solve any and all your wild animal removal Concerns. We trap, control and remove most nuisance wildlife that flys, slides or crawls we control it ! We remove nuisance bats and nuisance or pest birds and wild animals. We recommend if you need domestic dog or cat services to contact the local animal control or animal shelter. Evansville Animal Removal is basically short for the wild animal removal services we provide including emergency wildlife control and emergency bat removal 24/7. We are licensed, and insured to operate in the State of Indiana. Evansville Bat Control We are experienced in all aspects of nuisance bat control including a very complete and thorough inspection of your home to determine if your home or attic may have unwelcome bat colony living inside . Anytime a bat is found in the home it is wise to have it determined that its as simple as a bat coming in a open window or door and not flying through a air current from your attic into your home. We seal up all entry and exit points used by bats then do a complete seal up of all gaps 3/8th inch or greater in the home. Emergency Bat Removal 24 hours a day, 7 Days A Week. We get bats out and keep bats out ! We get rid of bats in attics, bats in chimneys, bats in fireplaces, and bats in walls. We remove all the bats in your home and seal up bats in your home and keep your home bat free. Call us for Evansville Bat Removal. Evansville Bird Control Birds can quickly become a real nuisance . They produce filthy feces waste and stink and can quickly spread mites and other pest bugs in addition to what the nuisance birds are doing to the cosmetic appearance of your building. We install bird deterrent devices and use bird netting , bird spikes , bird slide and other well known bird control products to get your nuisance birds under control. We provide professional bird control for Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows, Swallows and other nuisance bird species. Got bird problem and need bird Control in the Evansville area – we can help! We have a variety of bird Control and bird removal method, bird deterrents, bird repellents, bird netting, balcony netting, bird poop cleanup, bird spikes. We use products from nixalite, bird barrier, bird b gone, kabatape. We Control birds, we harass bird, we remove birds including blackbirds, chimney swifts, crows, ducks, doves, grackles, pigeons, ravens, starlings, sparrows, swallows, woodpeckers, turkeys, vultures. Don’t see it here if you have a nuisance bird problem please call. Call us for Evansville Bird Removal. Evansville Groundhog Control Nothing spells trouble for a garden better then a raid from your friendly, destructive woodchuck, whistlepig or ground hog. Ground hogs are herbivores which means they eat a vegetable diet . It is wise once you realize you have groundhogs living or using your property to have them trapped as quickly as possible before you lose much of a garden or ornamental landcaping. Call us for Evansville Groundhog Removal.

Evansville Mole Trapper & Mole Control Pest Exterminator

We Get Rid of Moles Near Evansville Mole Trapper & Pest Exterminator

Dearest Mole

Evansville  Mole Pest Control

Evansville  Mole Pest Control

We trap moles, control moles and remove moles damaging yards, grass, lawn and turf. In every sense of the word we know how to trap moles and give you a mole free lawn environment. We do not use poisons and pesticides and do it the natural and most proven method by using some of the finest mole traps in the professional mole trapping & mole control industry. Evansville Mole Control Moles: Biology and Behavior Moles are very small mammals that live most of their entire lives underground. Moles are rarely ever seen other then the damage they eave in lawns. Moles and their damage are easily confused with other small mammals like voles, pocket gophers, mice, shrews,  and ground squirrels. The most conspicuous features of the mole are its greatly enlarged, paddlelike forefeet and prominent toenails, which enable it to “swim” through the soil. Moles have strong legs, short necks and elongated heads. They lack external ears, and their eyes are so small that at first glance they appear to be missing. A mole’s fur is soft and brownish to grayish with silver highlights. When brushed, the fur offers no resistance in either direction, enabling the mole to travel either backward or forward within burrows. Moles prefer moist, sandy loam soils in lawns, gardens, pastures and woodlands. They generally avoid heavy, dry clay soils. They construct extensive underground passageways — shallow surface tunnels for spring, summer and fall; deep, permanent tunnels for winter use. Nest cavities are located underground, connecting with the deep tunnels. Because moles have high energy requirements, they have large appetites. They can eat 70 to 80 percent of their weight daily. They actively feed day and night at all times of the year. Moles feed on mature insects, snail larvae, spiders, small vertebrates, earthworms, and occasionally small amounts of vegetation. Earthworms and white grubs are preferred foods. Mole activity in lawns or fields usually shows up as ridges of upheaved soil. The ridges are created where the runways are constructed as the animals move about foraging for food. Burrowing activity occurs year-round, but peaks during warm, wet months. Some of these tunnels are used as travel lanes and may be abandoned immediately after being dug. Mounds of soil called molehills may be brought to the surface of the ground as moles dig deep, permanent tunnels and nest cavities. Moles breed in late winter or spring and have a gestation period of about four to six weeks. Single annual litters of two to five young are born in March, April or May. Young moles are born hairless and helpless, but growth and development occur rapidly. About four weeks after birth, the moles leave the nest and fend for themselves. Moles in the natural environment cause little damage. They are seldom noticed until their tunneling activity becomes apparent in lawns, gardens, golf courses, pastures, or other grass and turf areas.

We trap, control and remove moles near Evansville Indiana.

We trap ,control and remove moles damaging yards, grass, lawn and turf. In every sense of the word we know how to trap moles.We never use poisons or pesticides. Evansville Muskrat Trapper One of the jobs we enjoy most is when we are hired to trap muskrats, control and remove muskrats. Evansville Opossum Control The opossum is our only native marsupial in North America. For those with experience with the opossum they like to show off their big row of teeth to ward off potential predators or when attacked play possum (dead and emit a foul smell as if they were a dead carcass). The opossum is not a frequent invaders of homes but it does happen and occasionally a opossum can be caught in a attic or stuck in a vent somewhere including even a chimney with a faulty or missing chimney cap. Call us for Evansville Opossum Removal. Evansville Raccoon Control Sure we do a lot of raccoon control work in the area. The raccoon is a very powerful, intelligent critter that seems to always find a new way to break into homes attics through the eaves. We trap, control and remove raccoons. Call us for Evansville Raccoon Removal. Hear noises up in your attic. Hear chatter in between the walls of your home. You may have raccoons in your attic and raccoons in your walls. We trap raccoons in attics, we trap racCoons in eaves, we trap racoons in basements, we trap raccoons in fireplaces, and raccoons in chimneys. Evansville Skunk Control Got a skunk problem you can Count on us to get your Saratoga Springs Skunk Control problem under Control the moment we put down our humane skunk traps and begin working to provide you live, humane odorless skunk removal. Odor less skunk removal is possible when you leave the skunk trapping to us. We are experienced snake trappers. We offer skunk prevention services . Call us for Evansville Skunk Removal. Evansville Squirrel Control We are experienced in squirrel control and handling the squirrel in attic, squirrel in fireplace, squirrel in chimney, squirrel in eaves and squirrel in basement and garage problem are what we do professionally every day. 24/7. We know how to get squirrels out of attics. We know how to keep squirrels out of attics. We know how to trap squirrels. We know how to get rid of squirrels, prevent squirrels and squirrel proof your home, fireplace, chimney, basement or attic. Call us for Evansville Squirrel Removal. Evansville Snake Control Most of our customers go EEK when they find a snake. We provide local snake handling , snake identification and handle all snakes whether they are venomous or not. We remove rattlers, cottonmouth, watter moccasin, and other well known snakes such as garter snakes, hog nosed snakes, water snakes, green snakes, brown snakes, milk snakes ands tree snakes. We remove snakes from homes, business’s, Commercial and industrial properties. Professional snake handler will Come and remove venomous and non -venomous snakes. The best advice we can give is leave all snakes alone. Snakes will not bother you you if you simply leave your area. if waiting the snake out seems to be a problem feel free to call us. Call us for Evansville Snake Removal. Other Related Nuisance Wildlife Control Services Attic insulation replacement, attic insulation installation, Evansville dead animal removal, dead carcass removal, fecal removal, odor control, remove soiled attic insulation, sanitize attics, and other related animal damage repair services. Evansville Gopher Trapper & Evansville Gopher Removal

Evansville’ Answer To Animal Removal & Evansville Wildlife Control

We trap, remove control nuisance wildlife: bats, beaver, birds, coyote, groundhogs,moles, pigeons, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, snakes, gophers & more.


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Specializing in the trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife from your property, home, or business.

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